Thursday, September 27, 2007


So, tomorrow turned into the next day and the next, and I never got those modeled shots up. Life got really busy there for a bit. What the heck happens to the time anyway? Did we humans complain about life's tempo before we started keeping watch of the clock? I mean, did cavemen grunt to their families about how the sun seems to pass overhead more quickly every day?

Thanks for bearing with me through that pseudo-philosophical thought. Moving on.

For your viewing pleasure:
(This photo strategically taken to hide my horrid lack of any kind of manicure in what seems like forever. Truly embarrassing.)
Still not blocked. Again with the busy stuff that has gotten in the way.

Far more interesting things to follow later tonight, including a contest entry.

Also a sneak peak:
I realize, of course that some of you ladies, at the meet-up have seen these things already, but I've got to dole out my goodies slowly on the internets so that this post will not be a mile long.