Friday, June 6, 2008

XOXO, Baby


I was able to finalize the baby blanket pattern that I wrote up recently and was able to host it for free up on Ravelry.

I knit it up last summer for Sweet P, because, well, I meant to do it before she was born.

It's knit in strips and seamed together. I attached a soft cotton flannel backing to hide any messiness leftover from seaming, but I also just really liked the way the flannel went with the blanket. All together it's wonderfully warm and cozy. Sweet P won't sleep without it.

Pattern: XOXO Baby Blanket (Ravelry link)
By: Me!
Size: Approx. 32" by 32"
Yarn: 600-700 yds worsted, baby friendly yarn.
Gauge: 16sts/22rows for 4 inches

Click Here to Download a 1.4mb PDF.

Thanks for looking!

P.S. I know I've been tagged. Working on it. :)


Cheryl in VA said...

I LOVE the look of that blanket. No wonder she won't sleep without it. What a great idea to put flannel on the other side. Although that would suggest that it actually gets that cold around here, which in my opinion, it doesn't. I still can't manage sleeping under anything more than the middle weight duvet. I miss sleeping under the heavy wt one.

Would still love to see you tomorrow if you can make it. There is sock yarn here that you can oggle/get me to let go of.....

vlb5757 said...

That is just adorable. You did a great job.

Rose said...

SO pretty!

Pam Whitman said...

Thank you for the free pattern—it is a lovely blanket! I have a question where you explain that S1 wyif is slip stitch with yarn in front. Is this stitch slipped knitwise or purlwise? Thank you!